Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Unit 5 discussion art and hummanities Research Paper

Unit 5 discussion art and hummanities - Research Paper Example Instead of keeping the hopelessness to himself, he would even discourage the wife who at least had some fire (Yezierska, 1997). James Hughes Langston was born in 1902, in Missouri. He was raised by his grandmother following the divorce of his parents. At thirteen, he later moved to Illinois to join his mother who lived her husband. It was hear that James began his writing career as a poet. James Hughes after graduating from the University of Colombia, spent a couple of years participating in odd jobs such as launderer, busboy and seaman. His many works of poetry, plays, short stories and novels majorly revolved around the black life in America. He later succumbed to prostate cancer and hitherto, is remembered for his huge input on the works of literature. That affects people all over the world. There are some basic needs and desires that apply to the whole world and most people are bound to relate to a story that dwells on such. I perceived the poem as a cry for justice. The poet vented out the inequalities that existed in America, and personified most oppressed groups and the hopes and desires that lie within them. He does not end on a gloomy note since he offers hope that maybe someday this people will have equal opportunities when America becomes what it ought to be. The idea behind the poem is to show that to depict America as having the ideal of equality would be hypocritical. This is because most opportunities are taken up by the elite without regard to the lower classes of the community. In some instances, these opportunities are not even meant for them, they just grab them. Ted Kooser who was born in 1939 in Ames, Iowa received his first Bachelor degree in Arts from Iowa State and later earned his master’s degree in the same field from the University of Nebraska. He has authored and co-authored more than ten collections of poetry and books both fiction and non-fiction. Kooser’s works of poetry is

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