Saturday, November 2, 2019

(CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) Assignment

(CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) - Assignment Example CATCH support appropriate decision-making regarding resource allocation, health care policy development, and strategy implementation leading to the further research of population heath issues (Staggers and Nelson, 2014). The CDC and the WHO have a common goal of promoting a healthy public and sharing data about chronic diseases and preventing them. The CDC is a central agency that conducts and support health promotion, prevention, and preparedness in America with the aim of improving overall public health. WHO strategically bases to check on the health of its 194 member states globally. Both CDC and WHO uses EHR Electronic health records in data processing for easy manipulation and storage of health data records. The CDC and WHO, recognize the importance of health IT therefore investing in the Public health information networks (PHIN) for perfect sharing of public health information (Jenkins, 2011). Employees can share information about chronic diseases including Ebola, through social media channels. The difference is that, the CDC deals with local data within the US while the WHO is an international body with CDC version to maintain public heath globally including 194 countries. WHO concentrates on annual recording of health-related issues for its 194 Member States. It focuses on the progress designed towards achieving the health-related Millennium development to the member states. WHO deals with the global development goals (MDGs) and related targets checking on the universal health coverage and civil registration coverage. The CDC is an American based center for disease control monitoring and preventing chronic disease and maintaining sound health within America states.CDC helps the American public health with statistics including diseases, pregnancies, births, and mortality. The standard research methods are literature searches, talking with people, focus groups, Personal

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