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Sample Research Title Proposal free essay sample

1. Rationale: Course evaluations consist of series of questions in order to evaluate the instruction of a given course. Primarily, it helps teachers develop professionally. Personally, it helped me identify my weaknesses as an instructor at the same what the students like about how I performed in the class. Additionally, Course evaluations can also be useful response for the administration especially the qualitative responses of students that are utilized to provide formative feedback intended to facilitate improved teaching and course development (Hodges Stanton). However, written comments of students on courses are not in fact interpreted, analyzed and integrated in summative evaluations (Gravestock Gregor-Greenleaf, 2008). According to Frank (1988), students’ conceptions and expectation about mathematics influence their learning approach to the course. This might have been the reason then that I struggled in algebra during my secondary years because of the thought that learning numbers can be so complicated and certainly not a thing for me. We will write a custom essay sample on Sample Research Title Proposal or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Echoing this view, Anderson (2007) identified this face of mathematic learner identity as â€Å"imagination†. How a student envision math as something part of their activities can either influence positively or negatively to their learning. In a study of students from accredited public and private schools in Metro Manila, it was found out that there were difficulties in mathematics caused by reading deficiencies in vocabulary, comprehension and study habits (Tadeo and Dadigan, 2006). Results also showed that the teachers teaching math were not skillful in teaching the concepts of the subject and their teaching strategies were not aligned with the students’ learning styles. Malaysian undergraduate students on the other hand, exhibited low level of anxiety towards mathematics course (Usop, Sabri, Sam Wah, 2009). While the study found only fair amount of math anxiety, findings revealed that teacher was an influencing factor to the development of students’ anxiety. With the apparent gap in the literature of the evaluation of qualitative responses and the dearth of research conducted about the effectiveness of  mathematics courses particularly among computer-related courses, I am prompted to know how the students view math subjects. I further believe that this will aid in improving the contents of math courses for computing education as well as the teaching strategies of the faculty handling the subject. 2. Objectives of the Study 2.1 General: Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of computing-mathematics courses 2.2 Specific: 1. Determine how do the students view the course in terms of efficiency and effectiveness 2. Identify recommendations from students on the improvement of the math courses 3. Conceptual Framework : Not Applicable 4. Methodology The researcher of this study employed the qualitative research design. The study was conducted in the University of Mindanao during the school year 2012-2013. Respondents of the study are the computing education students. The research instrument used in the conduct of the study is the standard university course assessment.

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